Vegan Professionals: The Top 10 Careers That Vegans SHOULD Have

Something that strikes me about most vegans I know is that we tend to be driven folks, whether that means aiming for the most coveted position at work, or striving to work in environments where our veganism will be an asset. I often think to myself that “the world would be so much better if we had more vegan (insert super-cool job here).

1. More Vegan Researchers
I can’t help but assume that if more vegans became scientists, we’d have more opposition to animal testing in the US. One of the main factors keeping vegans from entering the field of research is vivisection. I think the world would be a much better place if there were more men and women in white coats refusing to test on mice and rats.

2. More Vegan Chefs
Of course, the world would be better off with more people cooking good food, especially if their pots and pans aren’t covered in greasy animal fat. I love cooking myself, but I do wish there were more professional vegan chefs. Sure, there are folks like Tal Ronnen and that one guy’s wife from that one McDonald’s documentary. But we need more!

3. More Vegan Athletes
Nothing looks more credible and noteworthy to omnivores than a big, strong vegan. I’m personally tired of the whole “vegan bodybuilder” craze, but vegan athletes sure do make vegans look good! If anything, it shuts up dads and uncles who insist that vegetarians can’t build muscle. There’s nothing like an Olympian or two to prove people wrong.

4. More Vegan Business Owners
This one is a given. If I had my way, there would be a vegan business on every street corner. Even if the businesses aren’t inherently “vegan,” it would be nice to know of successful vegan business owners. Heck, if I knew that the guy who owns the carwash down the street is vegan, you can be sure that I’d be washing my car a couple times a week! And us girlie vegans can’t get enough of vegan accessories. Bring on the purses!

5. More Vegan Vets
I can’t express enough how much I want to be able to tell my veterinarian with total confidence and pride that I feed my cat a vegan diet. Even though I know that my liberated companion animals are healthy, vegan vets are hard to come by, and I’d rather not be advised to switch to Purina once a month. And just as the world would be a better place if we had more vegan veterinarians, it would be even better if we had more vegans being consistent and feeding their pets vegan food as well.

6. More Vegan Politicians
I know what you’re thinking: We don’t need more politicians! I agree. However, just imagine if you could vote for a vegan in a political election. I know I would feel at least a little more secure in the hope that the person I’m voting for may have values somewhat in line with my own. Just something to think about!

7. More Vegan Doctors
Imagine going to the doctor and not having to hear a rant about multivitamins, teeth falling out, calcium deficiencies and getting enough protein. We need more vegan doctors supporting our lifestyle and ethical choices and more vegan nutritionists congratulating us on our smart food choices, and making good nutritional information available to new vegans. If there were more doctors advising people to go vegan, the world would be a much better place.

8. More Vegan Teachers
I remember a teacher once posing a question to a class I was in: Do you think Michael Vick should be allowed to play football again after what he did to all those dogs? I said “Of course! What, are you going to fire the rest of them for eating meat?” She replied with, “Well…that’s different.” Here’s to wishing we had more leaders and thinkers putting more thought into what’s on their plates.

9. More Vegan Religious Leaders
This may seem like an odd choice, but think about what religious leaders do: They guide hundreds of people in the right moral direction, every day. If we had more people guiding people toward moral eating, wearing and consuming, the world would be vegan in no time. As Gary Francione says: The world is vegan, if we want it!

10. More Vegan Moms
Moms rock. And hey, so do dads. Hands down, the best job you can have is to be a parent. I know we all wish our parents would go vegan. I’m still working on mine! If there were more vegan moms, that means more vegan kids, which means more vegans in the world – and what’s better than that? Vegans need to procreate!

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  1. HA! – what a great idea for an article – ‘love it! My girlfriend and I have talked about how we’d raise our child if we ever have one (she’s vegan/I’m veggie). You opened up that thought to some really interesting questions about how our whole world would be different (and how!) if certain people, and more of them, were vegan.

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