Organic Cotton Baby Clothes

One can hardly raise a finger against cotton when it comes to its usefulness as a clothing material. It is light, it is smooth, it is soft, it is an excellent absorbent and it is non allergenic. But is that all? Are not you missing something? Yes! You are! You will be shocked if I tell you certain facts regarding this so seemingly harmless cotton.


Did you know that cotton is one of the most polluted crops, that is, it absorbs maximum of the pesticides, weedicides and fertilizers (all chemicals and all toxic) given to it and it really needs them because cotton is one of the crops that is most prone to pest attacks. Further, it is subjected to extensive chemical bleaching, dyeing, printing, washing and other chemical treatments until it comes out as a finished product. Where do these toxic chemicals go? They remain stored in cotton and ultimately enter our body when we use cotton clothes. If these chemicals are harsh and toxic enough to inflict heavy damages to adult skin, just imagine what harm they can do to babies whose skin are more porous, more delicate and more sensitive than that of adults. What is to be done then? Switch over to some other fabric? But then they are not as comfortable as cotton either. The answer lies in cotton only, but one that is grown and processed very differently and called Organic Cotton. You can use Organic Cotton Baby Clothes for your baby safely. They have no chemicals and have no adverse effects of babies (even adults should use Organic Cotton Clothes). Let us have a look at the cons and pros of these clothes.

Definition: Organic Cotton Baby Clothes are the baby clothes that are made from Organic Cotton. That is, cotton grown without using any chemical fertilizer or pesticide. Only organic manure and natural pesticides are used on them. Further, after harvesting, this cotton does not undergo chemical bleaching, dyeing, printing and detergent washes. No insecticidal solutions are used on them either.

High Price: Organic Cotton Baby Clothes are much costlier than the normal cotton baby clothes. The reason is that production of organic cotton is much less than non organic cotton. Cotton, being very prone to pest attacks, calls for rigorous monitoring and care if it grown in the organic way. Still, the crop is often ruined by pests (as pests are often resistant to organic pesticides), attributing to its less production. Further, processing of cotton in organic way is a costly affair (chemicals are far cheaper) too. These things and various other factors such as maintenance, shorter shelf life of these clothes etc. contribute to the high price or Organic Cotton Baby Clothes.

Low availability: Due to the reasons discussed in the paragraph above and also due to lack of awareness towards Organic Cotton Baby Clothes, these clothes are not available easily and everywhere. If they are not available in your city, you can bring them from other cities or can order for them over internet and phone.

Impact on Health: Organic Cotton Baby Clothes are excellent for health. They are the purest and most natural clothes you can get. They have all the goodness of cotton such as high absorbing capacity, light weight, softness, smoothness and ventilation without the harms of toxic chemicals. Use them and your baby will remain safe from a number of skin problems and toxicity.

Impact on Environment: These clothes come as good news for the environment too. Since no chemicals are used in its cultivation (no chemical fertilizers or pesticides) and in its processing (no chemical bleaches, dyes, colours, disinfectants or insecticides); therefore no water, land or air pollution takes place throughout its complete processing. Being made of natural fiber, these clothes ultimately decompose and become compost. Encouraging these Organic Cotton Baby Clothes will be noble step towards saving the environment for the future generation.

Future: Future of Organic Cotton Baby Clothes is certainly bright as more and more people are getting aware of the benefits of these clothes and more and more scientific techniques are being invented for higher production of organic cotton.

Certifications: Since organic cotton cannot be distinguished from normal cotton unless tested in a lab; you must look for the certificates of genuineness of these organic clothes attached with them. These certificates can be of three types. First one certifying that these clothes are hundred percent organic, which means that every bit of these clothes is organic. The second one tells you that these clothes are organic, which means at least ninety five percent of the raw materials used in these clothes are organic. The third type of certificate says that the clothes contain organic material, which means that at least seventy five percent of the raw materials used in these clothes are organic. But when the whole issue is about organic, then you should buy only the “Hundred Percent Organic” clothes, because anything lesser will mean that it is ultimately non organic. The standards of certification discussed above may differ in different continents and nations, but more or less they remain close. Look for the list of certifying agencies in other articles on organic products in this site.

Care: Since these clothes do not contain any toxic chemical, they are very prone to attacks from insects and fungi. So, they call for proper care. Using Moth Balls or insecticidal solutions or disinfectant liquid on them is not a good idea because these activities will not leave them “Organic” anymore. You may try using natural insecticidal liquids or fumes, plain water wash, proper drying and proper sun drying. Showing them some strong sun is highly recommended because it the best natural way to protect these clothes from germs, insects and fungal growth.

Although this article is not enough to make you an expert, but I believe it serves the purpose and enables you pick up the best Organic Cotton Baby Clothes for your beloved baby.

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