In a World of Green, What Does it all Mean?

Upcycle, Recycle, Reusable, Organic and All-Natural……..It all can make a sane person want to scream when they are first dipping their toe into a more eco-conscious lifestyle. I hear terms every single day that make my head spin, especially now with ‘green washing’ in the mix to just confuse us all the more. So I have devised a little guide below to help us all navigate through to truly greener grasses.

All-natural: Mainly referring to foods and beauty products that have no artificial ingredients and processed minimally.

Biodegradable: Organic products that able to be broken down easily with little to no effect on the environment.

Composting: The act of recycling food waste to valuable and usable soil.

Eco-friendly: The act of inflicting minimal to no harm to the environment (i.e. type of car you drive, cleaning products used, etc.).

Greenwashing: The act of misleading the general public into thinking a product / service is eco-friendly by spending more energy on ‘selling’ as green versus actually backing up the process as being green.

Non-renewable Resources: Natural resources that risk being completely exhausted (i.e. crude oil).

Organic: To be grown without chemicals or pesticides and processed without radiation or other harmful reactants. This can be with regard to food, beauty products, clothes, bedding, towels, etc.

Recycle: The act of downcycling where an item such as a tire is turned into another item (i.e. carpeting).

Renewable Resource: Natural resources which are continuously produced (i.e. fish and fresh water).

Reusable: An item that can be used over and over again lessening harm to the environment (i.e. shopping bags).

Sustainability: The act of sustaining for an undetermined amount of time without depleting resources and/or causing harm to the environment.

Upcycle: The process of taking something old and making it new again for use over and over without changing it’s actual composition (i.e. old sweaters turned into stuffed animals).

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About minesgreencircle

Founded in 2008, the Mines Green Circle is the special Green Environmental Unit of Palace of the Golden Horses and Mines Wellness Hotel for “Better Environment, Better Health”. It advocates green practices amongst the personnel of the Palace of the Golden Horses and Mines Wellness Hotels as well as its guests.

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