360 Vodka: Eco-Luxury Vodka

Weston, MO’s McCormick Distilling is now offering Vodka 360, their entry into the burgeoning eco-friendly luxury spirits market. McCormick says that Vodka 360 is the “world’s first Eco-Luxury vodka.” What makes this vodka so green?

The answer: everything. From 360’s energy-efficient distillation process that saves 200% more energy than tradition distillation systems, to their recycled packaging, to their reusable bottle stoppers (send them back in the postage-paid envelopes and they’ll make a $1 donation to an environmental organization), 360 Vodka demonstrates the incredible amount of thought the distillery put into crafting this eco-luxury item.

More than being just a green product, 360 Vodka represents the company’s green philosophy. Vic Morrison, Vice President of Marketing at McCormick, told me a bit about the amount of thought the company puts into the vodka. For instance, asked about their decision not to use organic grains, he explained how they weighed the option of trucking in organic grain long-distance at unpredictable prices against the option of using locally-grown grains. “By using locally-grown grains we’re able to use less fossil fuel and minimize the carbon emissions in transport,” Morrow said. “This is, without a doubt, much better for the environment.”

When asked what new green initiatives were up the company’s sleeve, Morrow replied, “We are working hard to improve on 360 Vodka’s sustainable packaging and put an environmental stamp on the rest of our products. We’re constantly looking for better resins, recyclable glasses, biodegradable labels, and recycled stock to use in our products.”

So, when you’re drinking 360 Vodka, you’re not just drinking a trendy, luxury product that’s helpful for the environment; you’re aiding a trend-setting company’s philosophy of providing luxury goods while bringing balance to nature. So drink up!

You can find 360 Vodka at select distributors, or online starting at $30 for a 750 ML bottle. Check their website at vodka360.com for more details.

Article excerpted from www.thegreenconnoisseur.com

This idea is really cool. Besides enjoy the drink, you could also go green by using the eco-friendly packaging. I hope the eco-friendly packaging is not only for vodka, but also for other products as well.


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