Singapore’s Supermarts Go Green With Eco-Features and Products

Cold Storage has launched its first green supermarket in Jalan Jelita, with eco-friendly features such as energy-saving lighting and chillers. The chain of 42 supermarkets also stopped selling shark's fin and other shark products from last Friday. (Straits Times Photo/Desmond Lui)

Shoppers passionate about the green movement now have an ally in the supermarkets.

The major ones in Singapore have been doing more to promote environment-friendly consumption by expanding their range of eco-products and introducing green features and practices in their outlets.

Retailers say it is because the green movement has gained momentum in Singapore and shoppers are now more eco-conscious.

Since last Friday, for instance, the Cold Storage chain of 42 supermarkets has stopped selling shark’s fin and other shark products so they are no longer party to endangering the survival of the fish.

The move was taken under the chain’s partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Singapore to promote the consumption of seafood that is caught or farmed responsibly, so it is not eaten to extinction.

Cold Storage outlets now offer more than 10 sustainable seafood items, including red snapper from New Zealand and mussels from Australia. These items are identified by stickers marked “Friend of the Sea”, an international non-governmental group which certifies sustainable seafood sources.

Cold Storage has also launched its first green supermarket in Jalan Jelita – it has eco-friendly features such as energy-saving lighting and chillers.

This is Singapore’s second such supermarket, the pioneer being the FairPrice outlet in the eco-themed City Square Mall in Kitchener Road in 2009.

That FairPrice outlet, which has energy-saving lights and refrigeration systems, has expanded its range of environment-friendly products to more than 400 items.

This year, hypermarket Carrefour jumped on the green bandwagon by introducing dedicated checkout lanes for shoppers who bring their own shopping bags.

Cold Storage supermarket chief executive Victor Chia said it is timely for the chain to intensify its green efforts because it has the support of shoppers.

He said: “The awareness of sustain-ability and green issues is up on their antennae.”

He noted that since Cold Storage began selling eco-friendly products about five years ago, its range has grown from 10 products to more than 100 today, with their sales posting double-digit growth year on year.

WWF Singapore managing director Amy Ho said Cold Storage’s commitment to promoting sustainable seafood “makes it easier for consumers in Singapore to play a bigger role in safeguarding the future of our fish stocks”.

Singapore Environment Council executive director Jose Raymond said the various green initiatives by supermarket chains “go a long way in raising the awareness of sustainable living”.

Shopper Jennifer Ow Yeong, a 61-year-old nurse, welcomed the range of sustainable seafood at Cold Storage.

She said: “It is a good thing that shoppers can choose to support the environment by what they buy. I think for that, it is worth paying a little more for sustainable seafood.”

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Supermarkets start to support eco-friendly campaign by reducing the use of the plastic bag and now, they take further action.  This is really encouraging other supermarkets as well. Hope all the supermarkets around the world would start to take the actions too.


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