Health Benefits of Organic Coffee

If you’re a card-carrying member of the caffeine club, then there’s likely one reason, and one reason alone, why you drink coffee.  Your morning cup of Joe is designed to wake you up and allow you to face the day with some semblance of a functional brain.  Also, it tastes great (and the smell is enough to pull you from your 6 am stupor).  But did you know that in addition to providing your morning wake-up call, drinking coffee can actually be good for your health?  In fact, coffee, especially of the organic variety, has several health benefits that will make you happy you decided to add it to your daily routine.

For starters, organic coffee is a lot better for you than the regular fare.  Not only do you get 100% of the flavor of the bean, untainted by chemical additives, you’ll also enjoy a product that puts no toxins into your body upon ingestion.  In case you didn’t know, organic coffee is grown without the use of potentially harmful chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, and so.  This is good for the Earth and the surrounding ecosystems, but it is also great for your body.  Since some of these chemicals have been known to store in fat cells and remain in the body for years, you’re making a health-conscious choice with organic coffee.

But there are a host of other reasons you might want to drink organic coffee.  It’s chock full of antioxidants, which many people have begun to turn to as a way to preempt diseases like diabetes and certain cancers (since antioxidants are known to counteract free-radicals that can cause tissue damage and lead to a number of diseases and disorders).  It also helps to regulate blood sugar with minerals like chromium and magnesium.  Best of all, you can get these benefits from both caffeinated and decaf versions of your favorite flavor of coffee.

And that’s not all.  Studies have shown that people who incorporate 1-2 cups of coffee a day into their diet are more likely to lose weight.  Of course, adding cream, sugar, and a donut to the mix will counteract the positive effects, but in and of itself, coffee is around 5 calories per cup.  The caffeine in a cup of coffee will serve to both suppress appetite and increase your energy expenditure, helping you to eat less and burn more calories.  It’s no miracle cure (the effects are short-lived), but it’s better than downing a can of diet soda, which is packed with chemical additives (like aspartame, for example) that are known carcinogens.  Can you even read the ingredients on that label?  Here’s what’s in organic coffee: water and coffee.  Sounds a bit healthier, doesn’t it?

Adding organic specialty coffee to the menu is a no brainer.  The health benefits of drinking coffee, especially from beans that eschew the use of chemicals, cannot be overstated.  As with everything, you should drink in moderation, since a ton of caffeine will no doubt make you jittery and possibly even affect your sleep schedule.  But a cup of java in the morning will get you out of the house refreshed and ready to face the day.  And organic beans will simultaneously assure your continued good health.

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Organic coffee doesn’t come cheap. However, organic coffee is good for our health such as helps to regulate blood sugar and lose weight. You might think that organic coffee might burn a hole in your pocket, but when you get into sickness, you will have to pay more for the medical fees. Go organic to stay healthy.


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  1. I agree that it is better to drink organic coffee or tea. Unfortunately, I am one of those that like a little coffee with my cream and sugar! Although, I am doing better and not using as much in my cup of coffee.

  2. i guess you can just keep it at a minimal level. cheers Anita! =D

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