5 Surprising Things You Don’t Have to Buy Organic

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You’re pretty safe with fruits and vegetables like avocados, which have a thick skin that you don’t eat. Just remember to wash the peel before cutting into them to get rid of any residue.

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Chickens as a rule are not given growth hormones. And research has shown that factory eggs don’t have higher quantities of contaminants than organic eggs.

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 Frozen food in plastic bags

The risk of leached chemicals is heightened by heat, and frozen produce is, well, as cold as ice. As long as you’re not boiling in the bag, the chance of ingesting harmful chemicals from these is low.

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“Even when you’re using spices liberally, you’re consuming such small amounts of each that the risk is minimal,” says Sonya Lunder, senior analyst at the EWG.

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While there’s no question that organic cotton is excellent for the environment, the benefits it has on your personal health are unclear—it’s unlikely that pesticides remain in clothing in quantities large enough to seep into our bodies. The one possible exception is clothing treated with flame retardants (the label will tell you if that’s the case).

Article excerpted from www.health.com

Organic foods and stuffs doesn’t come cheap. We just need to buy organic things that really helps and benefits to us. Go organic with a wise choice without a penny wasted.


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