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KL hotel switches off – differently

palace of the golden horses

Palace of the Golden Horses has decided to go beyond the hour by switching off the lights of their website for 24 hours, on 26th March 2011 itself. The website will still be available for viewing but only through the eyes of a simulated torch light. “A little creativity goes a long way. Everybody is switching off the lights physically. Though it is not the most energy saving tip one can imagine, it still does save energy in the sense that the monitor screen uses less energy when it is pitch black”, the Web Designer commented through an e-mail.[]

Besides having their website all switched off, the hotel itself will be playing their role on Earth Hour by switching off unnecessary lights at the hotel. “Our sister hotel, Mines Wellness Hotel will be having a little gathering on Earth Hour, where all 3 F&B outlets at the hotel will be offering discounts and candle-light dinners on the night itself.”[]

Earth Hour will be celebrated by Malaysians at WWF’s main event in Sunway Pyramid come 8.30pm. Switch it off, go beyond the hour and let us all do our tiny role in preserving mother nature and protecting the environment.



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