Top 10 Green Pranks for April Fools Day


Spice up your April Fools Day with some pranks that will either help green the world or at least won’t generate waste. Here are our top 10 ideas for a greener April 1st.

  1. Substitute a vegetarian patty for a meat patty at dinner – Morningstar Farms makes chick nuggets, chick patties and grillers prime veggie burgers with the taste and texture of real meat. Then again, your family or housemates might not notice the difference.
  2. Guerrilla gardening – Plant a native plant in a neighbor’s yard late at night.
  3. Rearrange the furniture – One year, a mom came home to find the dinner table nicely set, but in the living room. The living room furniture was in the dining room. Hanging from fishing line throughout the house were scissors, combs, nails, and dirty socks. The kids had also moved all the refrigerated food to the bathtub and placed canned goods under their beds.
  4. Play with the car – Surprise your roommate or spouse by turning on the wiper blades, cranking up the stereo, putting the air conditioning on max setting, and pushing the seats forward and reclined all the way back.
  5. Fill the tub with newspaper – Crumple up all your recyclable newspaper and fill the bathtub. The next person who tries to take a shower will be surprised.
  6. Misplaced coffee cup – Tape magnets to the bottom of an empty coffee cup, and attach it to the top of your car. Other motorists will frantically try to get your attention as you drive by.
  7. Frozen mouse – Take a Post-It note and place it over the eye of the victim’s optical mouse. When the victim tries to use his or her computer, the cursor won’t move. Be sure to write “April Fools!” on the note!
  8. Ransom note – Take an item from the victim’s office (something they use a lot such as a special coffee cup, stapler, pencil cup, etc.). Take a picture of the item and leave it on the victim’s desk (in the same spot where the item was located), along with a “ransom” note.
  9. Switching cereal – Take all the cereal in the house, remove the plastic bags from the boxes, and switch them around. When the victim tries to eat breakfast they will do a double-take when the wrong cereal pours out.
  10. If you’re feeling really immature… With the victim looking on, pretend you see a fly in the room. Grab a fly swatter and chase it around for awhile. Then make a big swat, reach down and grab the “fly” (actually a raisin you’ve concealed in your hand), and gobble it down.

Do you have any low environmental impact practical jokes? Share them here.

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About minesgreencircle

Founded in 2008, the Mines Green Circle is the special Green Environmental Unit of Palace of the Golden Horses and Mines Wellness Hotel for “Better Environment, Better Health”. It advocates green practices amongst the personnel of the Palace of the Golden Horses and Mines Wellness Hotels as well as its guests.

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