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The girl who silenced the world…

An extraordinary speech that silenced the world at a United Nations meeting. A speech on the environment and how we must do our part to save Mother Nature. We do not have time anymore – we NEED to ACT. It is built in us, so why waste more time? Do we only realise when a child speaks the hard truth? Let us all do our part – for us, our future, their future.

“If you do not know how to fix it, please do not break it”

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Vegan & Vegetarian Differentiated

Animals are abused in slaughterhouses. There is only one way to stop that, go vegetarian. This is a video I made about vegetarianism and veganism and animals. The pictures belong to either Peta, Peta2, or Google. The song is Everything by Lifehouse. Add me on Facebook: Nellyanne Elizabeth Nash πŸ˜€ and join my group MaybeGreenLuvvIt & if you want, like my animal rights page: Animal Rights MaybeGreenLuvvIt. I made all of the names my username here on YouTube so you could remember them easily. Save the Planet, go vegetarian πŸ™‚



Facts & information on being Vegan and Vegetarian. Very well differentiated for your general knowledge. Lets learn something today!


Video courtesy of MaybeGreenLuvvit from YouTube



Light to the Poor, One Liter at a Time


In the slums of Manila, an innovative project is shedding light on the city’s dim and dreary shanties. Plastic bottles jut from the roofs, bringing light to the dark dwellings below. The technology is as simple as it could be. Each bottle contains water and bleach. When placed snugly into a purpose-built hole in the roof, the home-made bulb refracts and spreads sunlight, illuminating the room beneath.

Eco-entrepreneur Illac Diaz is behind the project.

[Illac Diaz, A Liter of Light Project]:

“What happens is, the light goes through the bottle, basically a window on the roof, and then goes inside the water. Unlike a hole which the light will travel in a straight line, the water will refract it to go vertical, horizontal, 360 degrees of 55 watts to 60 watts of clear light, almost 10 months of the year.”

The initiative, known as “A liter of light”, aims to bring sustainable energy practices to poor communities, an idea originally developed by students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Working with low-income communities, local governments and private partners, the project has installed more than 10,000 bottle lights across Manila and the nearby province of Laguna.

For residents, it means less money spent on electricity to power lights during the daytime, and more money on food.


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Climate change, energy & action

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Think Green…!

Earth Hour 2011

Earth Hour, 8.30pm, Saturday 26th March 2011.
In under four short years, Earth Hour has become the largest campaign in history for the planet. It has grown from one city, one country to over 128 countries and territories in 2010. Earth Hour — By The People, For The Planet.
If you can achieve this, imagine what else can be done.

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